For your 1st class quality architecture projects,
1st class quality Babacanlar Elevators...
Safe Ergonomic Affordable! OUR SERVICES ABOUT US
For your 1st class quality architecture projects,
1st class quality Babacanlar Elevators...
Safe Ergonomic Affordable! OUR SERVICES ABOUT US
Babacanlar Elevatör

About Us

In our journey that we have started in 2011 in construction material production, we have continued with elevator production and installation. With our experience from construction material production, we have reflected the importance of durability, robustness and quality to your elevator production. We worked hard for both comfortable and safe descend-ascend of all living beings and not to experience any problem. The entire processes of all architectural projects from elevator production to installation are undertaken by us and we are offering 1st class quality service with quality products at affordable prices compared to the market.
Our services include “Elevator Machines, Elevator Doors, Elevator Electric Panels, Elevator Ropes, Guide Rail, Cabin Coating”. To get a price offer for our products:


Our Services

We are investigating all new technology with great detail and we have worked with all our power with the approach to transform them into practical and ergonomic form.


Elevator Systems

We have started this journey to make you feel safe during your time in the elevator and to make descent-ascent within a safe structure. In our works, we have emphasised “aesthetic” word right after “safety” word and we created safe and chic, elegant designs that meet the eye.

Individual Elevators

These elevators aim to carry individuals. They are designed by considering the capacity as well as comfort and ease of use.

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Panoramic Elevators

Panoramic elevators which are a panoramic aesthetic wonder that add a unique feature to your building’s architecture are individually designed for each building.

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Elevators for Disabled Individuals

These are elevators specially designed, planned and applied under legal specifications for disabled individuals.

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Freight Elevators

These are designed to carry load accompanies by individuals. The freight elevators are planned and applied based on payload.

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We have designed first-class quality products to match your budget and we continued our way by affordably planning our services.










What Is the Process?

Special Solutions

Vertical Platform for Disabled Individuals

Vertical platform elevators can be used up to 3000 mm height. It is possible to mount without shaft hole by using a ramp.

Elevator with Seated Stairs

Stair elevators are designed with maximum comfort and safety standards and successfully passes a series of corrosion, rain protection and climate tests to ensure safety and performance.


Under Elevator Maintenance and Operation Regulation, all of the elevators used in carrying humans and/or loads must have regular control/check.

The periodic checks of the elevators are conducted by A-type inspection institutions authorised by your municipality.

You can have your elevator periodic control/check from A-type inspection institutions authorised by your municipality.

Building managements that fail to complete elevator periodic check/control are reported to their municipality by A-type inspection institutions authorised by your municipality for making the elevator out-of-use and the elevator is sealed.

The authorised individual in your building for elevator periodic check/control are the responsible individual(s), building manager or building management firm.


Service Policies

Quality Oriented Approach

The quality-focused approach is the basis for all processes.

Open for Technologic Development

Our expert team constantly follows the new technologies.

10+ Years of Experience

We are constantly following the technology with our experienced and expert team.




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